The Caverswall workshop took place at the local village hall in May 2022. Led by guest artist, Charlie Walker, five artists from a Caverswall-based Life Drawing class met in Caverswall Village Hall to draw Levison Wood, a local historian and public speaker. As part of the session, we discussed Levison’s attachment to the Staffordshire Moorlands, his local life and involvement with Forsbrook church and the surrounding area. The five artists’ works capture motifs of Levison’s Staffordshire Moorlands identity whilst the audio, literary texts the artists created with lead artist Emma Dawson Varughese further explore ideas of belonging to the landscapes and the people of south west Staffordshire Moorlands.

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Caverswall by Gary Longden

Sprung up 

The square’s stocks wait 

Leafy imprisonment 

its castle is still embraced by 

The moat