Foxtwood at Froghall

The Froghall workshop took place at Foxtwood Cottages which is located on the side of the Caldon canal, on Foxt Road in Froghall (ST10 2HJ), in June 2022. The workshops were led by guest artist Charlie Walker of Caverswall and by Emma Dawson Varughese, the lead artist of Knotted Identities. Both artists worked with ‘Churnet Valley Farmers’, a small number of local (amateur) artists and a couple of experienced, exhibited artists.

View of the ponds at Foxtwood, photo by EDV, June, 2022.

Froghall by Gary Longden

Rolled  out 

Copper connects 

Across watery oceans 

With spitfire  skies along the Old 

Coal Road.

Listen to Gill and Michelle talk about the piece of artwork they made at the workshop
Woodland at Foxtwood and birdsong on the day before the Summer Solstice, June 2022

Click here: to see the section of the Caldon Canal that Foxtwood is located next to.