The workshop was led by guest artist, Louise Adams of Stockton Brook Studios and by Emma Dawson Varughese, the lead artist of Knotted Identities during August 2022. The artists worked with Leek College of Art students and their tutor Leanne Cunningham.

Leek College and the Nicholson Institute, image by EDV

Leek by Gary Longden


Of the Moorlands 

Our skill assisting us, 

Means we have no cause for despair. 

Silk Rd.

LEEK Village on the A53, 10 miles (16 kms) NE of Stoke on Trent. The ‘capital’ of the Staffordshire moorlands, once famous for silk-weaving. A stroll around its busy streets reveals the Roebuck Inn (1627), Ash almshouses (1676), weavers’ cottages, Nicholson Institute (art gallery) and former silk mills. Restored Brindley Mill houses displays relating to James Brindley, St Edward’s and All Saints’ churches feature outstanding work by Victorian architects GE Street and Norman Shaw. [from AA Road Book of Britain: A-Z Gazetteer of 9,000 places (1995: 342) AA Publishing]