The Longnor workshop took place at The Art Barn just outside the village on Longnor in mid August 2022. The workshop was led by invited ceramicist, Sue Blatherwick of The Art Barn and by Emma Dawson Varughese, the lead artist of Knotted Identities. The artists worked with a group of local people who have lived in Longnor for several decades and have interests in the local landscape, cultures and heritage. The day began by writing lyrical text about ‘belonging to Longnor’ and Staffordshire poet laureate, Gary Longden supported the participants in writing poems in the Cinquain form – see below for some of the pieces created on the day.

Longnor by Gary Longden
Burned for 

Poaching Kings deer 

Twixt manifold and Dove 

Blakemere pond straddling above 


[Travelogue quote to appear here]

The Longnor landscape near The Art Barn